Saturday, 29 June 2013

Week 8 on the way!!!

So I have just found that I had typed up my last post and somehow forgot to publish it.  So I am at the end of week 7 and the next milestone week is coming up.

Things are progressing well I think!  I am happy to say that as I am feeling quite comfortable with everything that has been changing in my life. Weight loss is progressing slowly and as I have said before I prefer that it be slowly.  Down to 93.3 kgs now, so from 12WBT day 1 I have lost 6.5 kgs.  From sign up I have lost 8.2kgs and I have to small goals that I am trying to achieve.

The first is to get below the 90 kgs mark and also to them get to the 10kgs lost.

I feel really good with how things are going and don't have anything to complain about so I think I will leave things as they are.

So until I have something great to blog, or if I fall down again then will let you know then.

So till next time


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