Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A New Start

Well I am along with a lot of people who thought they would never blog, but as I am on the track to start loosing weight and making a Healthier and Happier Margaret by starting on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT (12 week body transformation), then blogging is one of the tools that has been suggested to help you work through problems and help you get your head around things.  Writing about the struggles and stumbling blocks that are ahead of me.

This will be a journey that I am under taking with 3 of my nieces and I have started working through the pre season tasks and finding out a lot about myself.  I have always made excuses to not exercise and always done so many things to sabotage myself on all the other means of loosing weight that I have tried before.

Doing the 12WBT has so many tasks to help me recognise the ways that I have managed to sabotage myself and also to make me accountable to firstly myself, secondly to my family and then also to my 3 nieces who are travelling on this road of discovery with me.

The 12WBT starts on the 13th May which means that the Real Margaret will start becoming a reality from that day onwards. I look forward to getting to know the New Margaret and finding out more about myself and hopefully loving the New Me a lot more than the Old Me.

This blog will be for me to get my negative thoughts out of my head and help me with the positive attitude that I will be needing to be successful. I will be posting regularly to keep true to myself!

Wish me Luck.