Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week 1 - I Survived

Well I have survived Week 1 and even though the exercise nearly killed me I managed to do 4 of the 6 days of workouts and I am pretty proud of that. These were the workouts on the 12WBT site and were pretty demanding and at first nearly killed me, but I got though them and found that it got easier as the days went by.

I fell off the wagon and I was expecting this to happen. I was soooo tired that I didn't exercise on Tuesday or Friday, but Saturdays SSS I have done today on Sunday. So I didn't missed that 1!!!!

Tomorrows a new day and the start of week 2. Which means that I will work to stick to the 12WBT and try not to give in this week. Also will be interesting as I have done Saturdays workout today and now I will have to exercise for 7 days in a row. My own fault and I accept that!!!! I own my mistakes for the past week and I have accepted that I stuffed up and now I am moving on to have a better week this week.

The new job is starting to settle down for me physically as well and my feet are starting to get used to the walking and standing up for the time that I work. All in all things were a bit better this week and I hope that I find this coming week will be a little easier than last week.

I found that by not beating myself up over the mistakes for this week I am feeling much better within myself. I am happier for the exercise and the eating healthier is making me feel better too!!!!

I have a win for the week too as now I can fit into 2 different pairs of pants that I haven't worn for maybe 5 years.  They are no longer as shrunken as they used to be ( LOL ).

So I think that is all I need to address in this post and so will leave it there.


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