Friday, 10 May 2013

The Start is upon Me !!!

Well here I am again!  I have finished my first full week of my new job and have really been feeling that this is a physical job. I have had the up days and the DOWN days. The DOWN days have really been a test as I all I wanted to do was eat bad food and on Monday I did fall in a heap with a trip to Maccas. I really thought that I needed to do this and really enjoyed eating it, but the sadness afterwards was really surprising. I am now thinking more about why I did this, what I got out of this and now understand the some of the mind set lessons that is the 12WBT.

Tired, sore and just damn exhausted!!!! These are the excuses for the falling off 12WBT and the shame is that I had been really good with my breakfast, lunch and some of the dinners for this week. I really am going to have to toughen up at home in the evening with my husband and kids at night as they are a bad influence and I have been very weak and now realised that this is doing nothing for me, but putting me right back at the beginning again.

I can see the difference on the scales with the up and down by 100 to 200 grams. It sad to say that last week I was 300 grams from double digits and today I am back to 700 grams from the double digits. I am very frustrated with myself, but now I have put this down in my blog I can now move on and look forward to Monday's new start of the rest of my life.

Tomorrow I am going to do my fitness test and get my Week 1 food plan ready for my shopping list. On Sunday I am going for a walk with my 2 neices who are my 12WBTer's and a couple of other supporters and we will be trying to walk for 10 kms.

So I think that I have aired out this weeks issues and hopefully things will get a bit better when I really get started on Monday.

Good Luck to all the 12WBTers out there and don't forget - YOU ARE REALLY WORTH IT !!!!!!!

Until next time


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